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Essentially, I’m a girl of many projects: a queer/ feminist/ geek/ activist/ writer, currently in recovery.  I think (and feel)  quite a bit about everything.  After spending a little over two years double-majoring in English and Social Work, I eventually realized that English was too disinterested in social change for my taste, and Social Work was too disinterested in critically examining narratives.  I stumbled into Interdisciplinary Studies, a department that summarizes me (and this blog) about as well as anything could: Put plainly, I’m fundamentally interested in everything… and in the way that this Tiny Thing works with (or against) That Tiny Thing — and how they change or challenge or sustain the world as we know it.  I graduated in December 2010, with a degree in Creative Social Change, and minors in American Culture Studies and Women and Gender Studies.  Then I worked a mind-numbing customer service job for a year and a half, while attempting to sustain my sanity with a consistent regimen of creative writing, public radio, and frozen mochas. In 2012, I took an arguably uncharacteristic risk and moved halfway across the country to live with my girlfriend, who is fucking fantastic, even outside my biased estimation. I continue to work at the balance between easy outrage and easy laughter, and to generally be fascinated at all times.  I have an ongoing and increasing interest in compassion, which is actually even dorkier than that makes it sound.

One special note: If you’re specifically interested in learning why I critique recovery culture, while <3-ing recovery, this is a good place to start.

A lot more about me will become apparent as you read on. (And for the record, I hope you — specifically — do.)


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  1. Julie / Jun 16 2010 9:28 am


    Thanks for entering the birthday giveaway at Beautiful You. You have won the third prize! Can you please email me at with your mailing details and I will post it out to you.



    • missmarymax / Jun 22 2010 10:14 pm

      Oh, wow! Thank you. E-mail sent. 🙂


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