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March 22, 2014 / missmarymax

Scarleteen Blog: Anxiety Lies

I live with chronic anxiety.

I’m intimately acquainted with sweaty palms, flushed skin, and the positioning of heart in throat. I’ve experienced panic attacks, a specific brand of torture, which feel roughly like suffocating, hyperventilating, and having a heart attack, simultaneously. As a child, I spent years in doctor’s offices, trying to demystify the habitual stomachaches, which were – it turns out – this. Anxiety.

I remember, vividly, the first time I took an “as-needed” anti-anxiety med, the feeling of my muscles finally, truly relaxing. I remember thinking, “Oh. Is this what it feels like – to be… calm?”

You can read the full post on anxiety, its bullshit, and getting free of the noise over at Scarleteen.


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  1. inconsistentlyyours / Mar 24 2014 7:17 pm

    Your writing is amazing and I can relate so much! Thanks for putting it out there, anxiety is a bitch.

    • missmarymax / Mar 25 2014 10:43 am

      That’s so great to hear; thank you. Wish you couldn’t relate (see your point about it being a bitch) but glad the words mean something. Best!

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