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April 17, 2012 / missmarymax

MMaxTrax: Spring (Playlist)

Spring Road - Indy Kethdy

Spring Road – Indy Kethdy.

A few weeks ago when the season started changing in earnest (not that it properly diverged into winter, ever), I started throwing songs onto a “spring” playlist. It wasn’t my normal approach to mix-making, which (as I joke on my 8tracks profile) is largely inspired by the board game, Encore. This is not a group of songs organized by common phrases or explicit themes. Most of the songs on this mix don’t mention spring. Some of them (gasp) explicitly reference other seasons. But there’s something in them that picks up on the theme of a new spring for me: that hopeful restlessness that makes you want to walk a long while down a new sidewalk, to land in different sunlight than you felt when you began.

(This may also be the fact that I’m moving out of state in a few weeks. Regardless, a mix.)


Picnic Table – Alix Olson

Your skin caught like wildfire, like there was no need for the sun…

Have You Ever – Brandi Carlile

You’re part of the life there, you’re part of something good…

The Loneliness of a Middle Distance Runner – Belle & Sebastian

The railway ticket states the destination, but it doesn’t mean that we will show…

Sweetest Decline – Beth Orton

A new day’s dawning, and a new day has not yet begun…

I Feel the Earth Move – Carole King

I feel the sky tumblin’ down, tumblin’ down…

Asleep on a Sunbeam – Belle & Sebastian

Think about a new destination/ if you think you need inspiration…

Old-Fashioned Hat – Anais Mitchell

I’ve got a pocket full of change, and I don’t want to go home yet…

Everest – Ani DiFranco

The singing went outside, and floated up to tell all the stars not to hide…


30 minute mix (you couldn’t do that if you tried) — available on 8tracks.


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