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October 1, 2011 / missmarymax

(More Than) Enough: Self-Discovery, Word by Word Round-Up

Here it is, friends: October!  That month of pumpkin lattes and silly costumes and cheesy movies what pretend to scare us.  October is, arguably, my favorite month — and I’m looking forward to sliding down leaf-covered hillsides and ordering hot cider at the local cafes. First, though, there’s some business to be done.

And by business, I mean the September round-up for Self-Discovery Word by Word.

Self-Discovery, Word by Word

All throughout September, bloggers were busily re-considering the power they assign to “enough” — and now that we’re moving onto the next word, and the next prompt, I can share all their thoughts in one place.  I’m crossing my fingers that I’ve included everyone who contacted me, but — having been accidentally left out of a few round-ups myself — I know firsthand how easy it is to skip  a post.  So if your piece isn’t listed here, please-please-please let me know.  In the meantime, brew a cup of cider and curl up with your computer. There are some fabulous posts begging for your attention.


Christine shares how her spiritual beliefs shape her sense that she’s enough.

Kat talks laxative abuse and how to respond when your body says, “I’ve had enough.”

Mara airs the “enough” questions so many of us carry: am I smart enough? pretty enough? brave enough? (Bonus prize: fab comments.)

Ashley talks about using your “enough already!” moments to turn frustration into action.  (Added snaps for kid!activism and tiny!person media literacy.)

Taron suggests — to all her fellow over-achievers and over-extenders — that paring back to focus on the essentials can, paradoxically, allow us to grow.

Joy unleashes this kickass video asking, what if you were enough?

Aimee shares a poignant piece on the constant drive to push past one’s limits.

Debbie suggests that “enough is as good as a feast” and talks about when to let go of the surplus.

Kendra dishes about ditching her “enough tyrant” and finding new motivation as a runner.

Margarita shares a list of reasons she’s enough — and why it’s worth writing, regardless of how hard it comes.

Ashley discusses the importance of deciding “enough is enough” instead of always trying to do more things — more perfectly — than we can.

Patty at Share Your Love Story talks about how kicking “enough” in favor of “now” can free us.

And of course, I shared as well — knocking down the notions of “bad enough” and “good enough,” in turn.

Thanks again to everyone who participated — and to Ashley for the opportunity to host this month.  Hope to see you in all in next month’s round-up, wherever it may be!

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