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September 9, 2011 / missmarymax

On Actively Talking Shit

Taboo Game
Taboo game, care of The Game Depot (and 1989.)

I admit it: I am not the fan of poop Amelia is.

Oh, sure, if pressed – I’m grateful for it. I’m grateful that my digestive and execretory systems function properly. I’m grateful for the nutritional tips or warnings of migraine offered by variations in the color, consistency, or – erm – velocity of my excrement. At work, I’m even grateful for the pretense of poop: the bathroom break that allows me, simply, a few minutes’ sitting down.  But, if I’m being honest — shamelessly honest — I must admit that I fall into that dread category Amelia described here:  I am a member of that uptight brigade who “prefers to sit and drop and wipe and go and pretend the whole event never happened.”

Actually, I don’t mind poopin’ nearly so much as…

Read my full post on shit and the talkin’ of it (plus others!) over at Amelia’s Fortnight of Shite, a blog carnival in celebration of poo & benefitting this rad Peruvian community.


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