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September 3, 2011 / missmarymax

Stuff You’ve Convinced Me To Do

In this video, I solicited your ideas, requests, and challenges for future vlogs, blogs, etc. (For better or worse, I’m trying to meet a Mission 101 challenge that requires me to post over 80 times before September 29th, and I need help to make that happen.) Right. So. Here’s the list of challenges received thus far, with more to be added, as you offer them:

  1. Hanne Blank has asked me to read some favorite snippets from her upcoming Big Big Love redux, which I’ve already had the pleasure of perusing. Big challenge: how do I pick fave snippets when it’s all so good?
  2. Jaclyn/ StarrLitLove wants me to decorate a cake. (She claims she has seen the Donna Reed video, and still — somehow — thinks this is a good idea.)
  3. Amelia wants me to talk about the word “arboreal.” She thinks I can do it justice.
  4. Jaclyn also wants me get some helium-induced high-pitchiness going on.
  5. “There has to be a Pixar-related vlog post.” -Jaclyn
  6. Sharon has asked that I write a poem about rocks.
  7. Jaclyn wants me to choose a favorite Muppet (impossible!) and discuss why said Muppet is my fave.
  8. Sharon wants me to find a picture of someone I think looks like me.
  9. And also to illustrate the lost art of skipping.
  10. Rachel, who missed the cruel and unusual punishment clause when she studied the Constitution, wants me to sing a specific Justin Bieber ditty by the name of “One Time.”
  11. Christine wants me to draw her a picture.
  12. There will be a sockpuppet show at Jaclyn’s behest.
  13. …And you?

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