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July 14, 2011 / missmarymax

Scarleteen Article: Sp[ace] Exploration

thanx for sharin ur cake

Up this morning at Scarleteen: my newest post — on ace communities and why I, as a sexual person, heart them hard-core.   Special shout-out to Ily at Asexy Beast for her seriously constructive feedback on an early draft and to Heather for, y’know, all of it.  #snapsforIly  #snapsforHeather

A taste:

Asexuality saved my sex life.

No, seriously — I mean that. I will declare it from the middle of a courtroom, with one hand on Our Bodies, Ourselves.  Asexuality, as much as sex-positive feminism and far more than any amount of “hon, you just need to get laid already,” helped me to access a confident,  positive, and excited relationship with my sexual self.

This might seem counter-intuitive…

Click here to nom on the full post.


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