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July 13, 2011 / missmarymax

MMaxTrax: Pep Talk (Playlist)

A quick mix (about 45 minutes) for all your reminding-yourself-you-can-do-this needs. (Or at least some of them.) Care of my own need, last night, for the reminder.  Enjoy, rock stars.

(Note: the final track includes a variation on the word “mothertrucker” that your boss may not enjoy. The other 9 tracks are safe for work.)


You Rule


1. Pass in Time – Beth Orton

Did you imagine you could ever be so strong?

2. Heal Over – KT Tunstall

Everybody sails alone, but we can travel side by side…

3. Godspeed – Jenny Lewis

Godspeed to you; keep the lighthouse in sight…

4. Whether You Fall – Tracy Bonham

Whether you fall means nothing at all; it’s whether you get up

5. Cracker Jack Kid – Melissa Ferrick

Reach deep inside yourself; show them all how you can survive…

6. Secrets of the Lotus – Stephanie Dosen

You’re under mountains now, but someday you will rise, like the tide…

7. The Voice Within – Christina Aguilera

When there’s no one else, look inside yourself…

8. Looking Out – Brandi Carlile

I know the darkness pulls on you, but it’s just a point of view…

9. Believe in You – Amanda Marshall

I can’t even count the ways that I believe in you…

10. People Like You – Live

Open up your cage; focus all your rage. The world needs people like you.


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