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June 1, 2011 / missmarymax

It’s All In Your Head: When Broken Mirrors Aren’t Bad Luck.

If you follow online writing about recovery, you might know Rebecca Tishman.  She’s been blogging for Dr. Robyn Silverman since her high school days, and she has a tendency to write really awesome posts, which occasionally cause the unintentional shitstorm.  (See: this one about how vegetarianism can be an ED symptom for those of us what have EDs.)  What you might not know about Rebecca is that she’s a crazy-awesome artist, currently studing at the Maryland Institute College of Art.  Months and months (and months) ago, I commissioned a piece from her for the new apartment I did not yet have.  “It’s All In Your Head” is a mirror and plaster piece  —

BDD Photo 1

 — from a series she describes this way:

The collection is called Breaking Distorted Delusions (BDD for short). […] I would love to get these pieces into people’s homes and encourage them to use these rather than nonbroken mirrors. The purpose of this collection is to promote positive body image and help people get in touch with their inner selves by no longer focusing on their “perfect” reflection.

The broken mirror has been a reminder for me of how easy it is for my eyes to lie about reflections in nonbroken mirrors.  It’s been a reminder of the way that I see, the way that still sometimes fails to serve. 

It also makes for a radically more interesting “Facebook photo” (girl with mobile phone in mirror).  Below are selections from a photo shoot I promised Miss Rebecca roughly 9 months ago:











You can keep tabs on What Rebecca’s Making — this award-winning torso made of spoons, for instance — over at Enigmatic Art.  You might even still be able to order a BDD piece of your own [/unpaid endorsement].  Why not?  In my humble opinion, it’s about time these funhouse reflections of ours lived up to the name.

BDD Goof



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  1. Christine / Jun 1 2011 2:32 pm

    I love this!!! We should do a fun photo shoot together because we are so pretty and need to take many pictures (translation: even one picture) of the two of us.

    • missmarymax / Jun 1 2011 5:08 pm

      Oh, yes! I’ve actually been thinking that I should take photos of other people in it when they visit. It’d be interesting to see a collection like that. Also, HOW do we not have a photo of us not forgetting to be awesome? We must amend this, stat.

      • Christine / Jun 3 2011 5:14 pm

        Yes! Amends need making!! What are you doing next week??

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