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February 3, 2011 / missmarymax

Prize Sofia: New Incentives to Donate for Sofia Benbahmed.

By now, most of you know of Sofia Benbahmed, the 21-year-old who reached out to the Internet to help fund treatment for her eating disorder. Sofia’s desire to follow the recommendation of her treatment team (six months at Monte Nido, followed by a step-down program) and finally begin to live life again after twelve years of anorexia and bulimia inspired giving across the web. Over 8,000 was raised between her original request for help, in September of last year, and mid-November when her deteriorating health forced her to enter treatment prior to having raised the full funds.

Miraculously, Sofia has managed to stay in treatment for nearly 3 months, despite the fact that her insurance company originally approved only a single day. Yet, the money raised from strangers, family, and friends has dwindled to nearly-nothing.  The suit Sofia’s lawyer is bringing against her insurance company cannot move fast enough, and without our help, Sofia will be forced to leave treatment on February 7th, more than three months short of her recommended stay.

So, once again, we’re asking for your help. And if the incredibly awesome young woman, her incredibly good cause, or incredibly irresponsible insurance company aren’t enough to inspire your giving, we hope the body-positive prizes available below just might be. Keep reading to learn how (and what) you could win!

Donate Friday, February 4**, and you’ll automatically be entered to win one of two I Chose to Live t-shirts.  I Chose to Live is a “recovery movement utilizing team principles in the recovery process.”  To add your swagger to the movement, check themo ut on Facebook, Twitter, or at

Donate Saturday, February 5th, and you are automatically eligible for a free copy of Brave Girl Eating, Harriet Brown’s much-lauded memoir of her daughter’s fight against anorexia and the family’s experience employing the Maudsley method of family based treatment (FBT).

Donate Sunday, February 6th, for a chance to win this fab t-shirt from the folks behind the equally rad Body Blogger 2011 Calendar, an initiative aiming to promote body positivity, with proceeds benefiting the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA). It’s also not too late to purchase your very own Body Blogger Calendar to help celebrate yourself all year long!

And all week, your donation of $50 or more could win you an original blog design and year of hosting. (Sample work by this professional designer is visible here:   Have a new project, old project, or budding idea that needs to get off the ground? Take this opportunity to build something concrete from your dreams, while supporting Sofia in her parallel endeavor.

Finally, if you live in the St. Louis area, please be aware that our partners at the Escape to Reality Foundation will–between now and February 13th–continue to donate partial proceeds for their March 13th fashion show/ fundraiser to Sofia’s cause.  $25 VIP ticket sold and $40 for each front row ticket sold will benefit Sofia’s treatment. So check out the organization, their amazing efforts to infuse the fashion industry with body diversity and realism, and get those tickets now!

So, please- give what you can and spread the word.  Sofia’s fighting to do the hard work of saving her life. The least we can do is help her fund that battle.

*If Sofia’s own treatment costs are covered, any funds awarded by the court will be donated to F.R.E.E.D. or a similar organization to help others seek treatment.

**All dates are based on time logged on Giveforward website.

Note: All prizewinners will be announced here and at Sofia’s fundraiser within one week:


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