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November 10, 2010 / missmarymax

Art, Poetry, and Prizes: More Reasons to Donate for Sofia.

Weren’t sure you wanted to donate to Sofia when your only incentive was feeling like a great person and a chance at this rad necklace?  Read on, to hear how my friend Beth and her friend Galen are up-ing the ante!

Howdy!  This is Mary’s friend Beth hijacking the blog with a guest post.  Hijacking is such a violent term, but I have permission, so it’s all good.  And not really a hijacking.  It is, however, past my bedtime so I do not make any promises to be sensical or serious.

I was so excited to read Mary’s earlier post about the LNF necklace.  I’m definitely donating and hoping to make that beauty mine!  It really got me thinking though — there is less than one week left in this fundraising effort, and while Sofia has done a great job of working on her cause, and Mary has been a champ at assisting her, only about 1/4 of the funds needed have been raised so far.  So beyond entering because I hope to win the necklace, I also got to thinking… what else can I do to help promote this cause?

My thoughts immediately turned to a dear friend of mine, who happens to be an artist and  just earlier in the day had mentioned he had been toying with the idea of setting up a website where friends of his could donate to some of his favorite causes, and in exchange get a small piece of art.  This would be a fabulous deal: better the work and get an original work by a smart, talented artist.  So I asked if he’d donate something to this cause, and he graciously accepted.  So there will also be a drawing that anyone can enter by donating anything between now and November 15 for one of Mr. Galen McQuillen’s works of art.  He let me know that he is currently doing small watercolors.  He has an online portfolio, though it’s somewhat outdated, but you can see some similar works here:  (Caveat: Galen let me know there is some content on the site — though not on that page — that depicts/relates to suicide, so be aware of that if you want to look around at some of his other stuff).  Another note about whoever wins this fabulous prize — Galen will start painting it in the next few weeks.  The exact date of arrival at your door is unknown, but it will get to you.

And as much as I like pressuring talented friends into donating stuff, I thought I should maybe offer something of my own.  (I write poetry, which occasionally gets published.)  So anyone who donates anything between now and November 15 will get the password to a protected post on my blog with a thank you poem!  (Here is that post:  And if you donate $10 or more I will write a poem in your honor… to you, about you, about your favorite thing, or you can give me poetic license.  Since I am a student currently, these will be completed during my winter break and emailed to you.

Yup!  We aren’t kidding: Any donation – between now and November 15th — makes you eligible for one LNF necklace and one piece of original artwork!  You’re also guaranteed access to an otherwise invisible poem-ala-Beth, and — with a donation of $10 or more — you win a poem specically crafted for you.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Here’s how to make it happen:

  1. Donate.
  2. You will automatically receive an e-mail from GiveForward thanking you for your donation.
  3. E-mail the last word of that thank you letter to marybrave1[at]gmail[dot]com, in a message with the subject line SOFIA.
  4. By default, sending this e-mail makes you eligible for everything.  So, for instance, if you donated $10 (or more) and sent the e-mail, you would be entered into drawings for the artwork and the necklace, you would receive access to the poem (in a reply e-mail), and Beth would contact you about your personal poem. (If you donated $9, the exact same thing would happen, minus the eventually receiving a poem from Beth.)
  5. If you do not want to be entered into any contest, simply donate without sending us the code word.  If you want to be eligible for some prizes and not others, specify which prizes interest you, when you e-mail us.

Note:  This process varies slightly from that outlined in the previous post about LNF.  Any individual who entered the jewelry contest by putting “LNF” into the message attached to their donation remains eligible.  Please feel free to contact me with any concerns, questions, or issues. 

Thanks again for supporting Sofia.


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