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October 19, 2010 / missmarymax

Make Some Noise: A DIY Pro-Choice Counterprotest

My day of DIY counterprotest, in convenient photographic form:

1.) The Impetus

Pro Life Day of Silent Solidarity

Pro Life Day of Silent Solidarity

 According to the official website, a national (American) event in which pro-life peeps spend a day in silence, as an expression of solidarity with the “over 50,000,000 babies who have had their voices silenced through surgical abortion” in the US since Roe v. Wade. (Eh-hem.) I consider the event a particularly ironic form of expression for students at my (Catholic) university. After all, the pro-choice perspective is consistently silenced here, through policies and politics that make its expression (through any established channels) impossible. I support my classmates’ willingness to speak up about their beliefs and appreciate the participating friends who remain open and accepting of me, while I voice an opposing view… but I do find it difficult to swallow the fact that 1 day each year my pro-life peers choose to quit expressing themselves, when pro-choice students like myself are (unwillingly) silenced in this environment every day.

2) The Response
Make Noise for Choice

Make Noise for Choice


I had every intention of ordering a pro-choice t-shirt to wear today, as a means of making my position known. Alas, I fail at deadlines (even ones I self-impose), and by the time I remembered, it was too late to order anything in time for its arrival. Thus, I DIY-ed my self expression with the help of 4 post-it-notes, 1 permanent marker, and some surgical tape. The post-its read “Make Noise for Choice.”

3) Bring Da Noise


Jingle Bell, Yo

Here, I’ve rolled up my pant leg to show the jingle bell pinned to the inside of my jeans. It provides the aforementioned noise, draws attention to the rest of the message, and (for added awesomeness) was a gift from my babysitter way back when I was a tiny tot. I — being addicted to layers of meaning — find that last bit of information particularly fabulous. After all, “pro-choice” means supportive of all reproductive choices– supportive of parents (through concrete acts like babysitting), supportive of in vitro fertilization, supportive of adoption, supportive of surrogacy, and supportive of abortion. …Just to name a few.
As an added bonus, it’s kind of fun to watch people try to figure out why the hell you sound like a walking sleighride as you’re walking by.
3) The Final Point
Never Again

Never Again


This is the most difficult image to read, I think – but it’s the back of my jacket. A metal hanger is safety-pinned to the fabric and surgical tape bears the message “Never Again.” It’s the blatantly pro-choice statement that (hopefully) clarifies the underlying message of my protest and reminds people that whether or not millions of “babies” have died through abortion, the criminalization of abortion will return us to a state where (literally) countless women die from illegal procedures. (Not to mention from pregnancies that threaten their lives, which they’ll be legally barred from terminating.) This inevitability is one of the MANY REASONS I chose to make noise for choice today, and one of the many reasons I will continue to make noise about it — in any way possible — for the forseeable future.

In short: I believe in a definition of life that prioritizes every individual’s right to bodily autonomy — and that is the definition of life I support. If I can throw in a jingle bell here and there along the way, well then — that’s just rocking.

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  1. Rose / Oct 24 2010 1:20 am

    this is awesome! you rock!!! oh my goodness i am obsessed with you and your blog, if you couldn’t tell.

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