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July 1, 2010 / missmarymax

Presenting Blog-Posts-Past and Blog-Posts-Yet-to-Come.

Why, hello there, July. 

It’s the first day of the second month here at MissMaryMax, and in honor of not having abandoned this project (quite yet), I thought I’d offer up a meta-post: one-part review, one-part preview, and one part mindbending facts*.

June in review:

This-here-project constitutes the first time I’ve blogged without having a central topic… but you’d never know that from the posts that busted out** during June.  The vast majority of our previously-on-MMMax fare is at least tangentially related to body image and eating disorder activism.  It includes our starting post on why I reject the term “recovered,” builds to why we shouldn’t pretend “anorexic” is synonymous with “emaciated,” and points out that “fat” is a lot of things, but “a verb“?… isn’t one of them.  It interrupts its regularly scheduled rant about the beauty myth for a quick post on why allies of oppressed groups need to be open to criticism, and then quickly rejoins the original soapbox, already in progress, for a post on Oprah’s effed-up reality series about residential eating disorder treatment.  Around this point, I recall — for a brief shining moment — that I haven’t written about a/sexuality in months, and thus take a closer look at the queer-by-choice movement, specifically as it relates to asexuality.  There’s a quick middle finger raised to Urban Outfitters, following their release of an “Eat Less” t-shirt, a discussion of why I doubt Starbucks’ proposed interest in my decision-making capacity, and a slightly hyperbolic defense of the Internet, in which I more or less claim the Web is a superhero.  Most recently, there’s a walk on the underused bridge between sexuality and ED recovery activism and a closer look at the new ABCFamily series Huge.  (You’ve probably not forgotten that last post, as it hit the interwebz about 24 hours ago.  But I’m being thorough here, ok?)  One of the best parts about blogging is the discussions that take place in the comments, so feel free to check out anything you’ve missed and let me know your thoughts as well. 

July in Preview:

In the next few weeks, I’m hoping to expand territory a bit more (so many soapboxes, so little time), but don’t start worrying that you’ll have to push through without your beloved body image posts.  Stuff in the works includes my first new spoken-word poem in over a year (and a discussion of the research essay**)  on which it’s based.  There’s also a post on skinnybashing and a post on pro-ana communities, both of which may involve takes that surprise you.  And gods willing, I’ll have an experience/ read a post/ listen to a song that is entirely unrelated to eating disorders or body image, and we’ll branch out into some new directions to explore some equally interesting territory.  Have something you actually want to hear my opinion on?  By all means, let me know.

Which leaves us with the useless gossip.

Unfortunately, I haven’t watched nearly enough E! lately to be able to tell you the things we’re apparently all dying to know about the celebrities we’re all supposedly dying to sleep with and/or to be.  So, how’s about a useless fact instead?  This is an oldie, but it still boggles my tiny miseducated mind.

There’s no such thing as a brontosaurus.  That third-grade dinosaur pageant in which I had to do the crab walk?^*  — FULL OF LIES.  Pluto has nothing on this.

*MMMax is not liable for any bending, straining, or tearing that minds may experience from the reading of this or other posts.  Degrees of mind-bending may vary.  Please consult your doctor before starting any blog-reading regimen.

**all over

***shut up

^*You can not make these things up.  I was a stegosaurus, and that’s the straight-up truth.


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